Hey all, I'm new to this forum but have been cycling for many years. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with meitech anadrol 50. Ive not been able to find much info other than their web site. I'm doing a cycle that I have done many times before consisting of anadrol 100mg/day, deca 600mg/week, and test eth. 500mg/week. I know my injectables are legit as I've been using same brand and supplier for years but the anadrol from meditech is new. My question is with the anadrol 50. When I started the cycle three weeks ago I got the familiar anadrol headaches and increased bloodpressure which have somewhat subsided. I have made modest gains in strength and muscle density and gained a total of 4lbs, however the usual bloating and weight gain have not happened. I have had good results with 50mg of anadrol in the past but when I didn't get the same great results by week two I uped the dose to 100. Still not getting the same results I've had in the past although strength is making gains. I have to admit I've have fallen short of my 4500 cal a day goal due to an obvious decrease in appetite but I don't think that explains it all. I'm thinking the anadrol may be under dosed and am considering increasing it to 150. I've actually noticed an increase in vascularity. I also have the option to switch over to dianabol. So.....has anyone had any experience with meditech anabolics??? Thanks for any insight.