Hitting the gym

  1. Hitting the gym

    Hi this is big boy back again. I started a crazy thread months ago and haven't been back for a while. I'm back now and ready to be helpful instead of foolish. I am sry for my mid behaving on this site and thank the people that did send me good Info. So I'm back and better then ever.

  2. welcome back!!!!

  3. Thanks bro. Just need this ****. It helps my drive to have the power of the web on my side. For questions and other peoples drive to the protection that I search for. Thanks again

  4. For perfection. Haha spell check!

  5. Tell me, what's a good way to get rid of loose skin faster after dropping weight. Don't tell me time. I know that one.

  6. So... No one has any idea....

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Big boy D View Post
    So... No one has any idea....
    Cardio has been shown to help tighten loose skin back up man. It depends how much there is though. Some may need surgery, but from your avatar. It doesn't seem like that is the case with you. Try incorporating cardio more often into your routine. It doesn't have to super intense or anything. That is what my old doctor told me to do a while back. Worked well for me. If you already do enough cardio, I would stick by the cliche answer. Give it some time.
    Quote Originally Posted by Level9Germ
    Common bro why would u take d Bol just take plain steroids if ur gonna do it since first place

  8. Thanks man. I will get to it. It's not much at all. Just beside my chest ever so slight.


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