Blood Sugar Effects

  1. Blood Sugar Effects

    Hi all,

    I'm new here. After 12 years of lifiting and eating right I fear I've maxed out my genetic potential. I came to this forum to LEARN nothing more, nothing less. i am a type 1 diabetic so I have a keen interest in the affects of certain substances on blood sugars. I was wondering if there are certain classes/categories of substances which either raise or lower blood sugars and most importantly if there are any which have been shown/known to not greatly affect blood sugars. i welcome any empirical or anecdotal evidence. Thank you.

  2. Hey Dyce,

    I too am type 1. There are 2 that come to mind: Clen and gh. Both seem to decrease insulin affinity (or increase resistance). I've found that gh at ~ 5 IUs/day or any effective amount of clen can require up to 2 or 3 times the amount of bolus type of insulin (I don't use my pump anymore) ...the long acting was up to about 130% of 'normal' for me ..quick bolus stuff was typically 2-2.5x (again vs. normal).

    I don't know if you've tried, but timing your creatine intake with your bolus peaks can really work well. It doesn't effect the bs much, but a small small amount since creatine is getting transferred instead of glucose ...but I've noticed almost no difference in effect on bs levels.

    As far as other gear...I haven't found a big difference. Maybe a sliiiight decrease in bolus. I don't know how often you check your blood sugar, I'm typically 6-15x per day (depending on the day). Keep a close eye on it ..check as often as possible (I use forearm, so my fingers aren't a worry).

    We have a little advantage over non-diabetics...we can use our insulin to help us (being very carefull). I've had many friends ask about using insulin and I tell them to stay the eff away from it (as you know, it can kill you in less than an hour).

    This is just info from my experience ... no real scientific evidence to prove it.

    Good luck ...stay healthy!

  3. Awesome. Thanks a ton. I have been looking for an experienced gear man with my condition for a while now, I hope we can stay in touch. I have been lifting weights for 12 years, since I was 16 and I think I'm starting to reach my natural limits. I have found that timing my insulin has great anabolic effects. I stay on a clean diet utilizing an intermittent fasting regime as I am only interested in lean gains or recomp style training if you will. Any how, do you have any experience with Test-E, D-bol or Anavar? I am strongly contemplating taking a trip to Mexico to gear up, but I'm still wondering if I should wait until I'm 30 just to make sure that I've exhausted my natural ability. I'm 28, 5'10" 195 lbs, 8-10% body fat, my 1rm for bench is 335, squat 415, deadlift 505...But I want MORE!!!! Not much more, But I want to make that transition from being a guy who looks great to the guy who looks like a freak. Know what I mean?

  4. I've been type 1 diabetic for 23 Years and have been into bodybuilding for about twenty! Have read, researche, experimented everyday since started! They're slot of things you can do to manipulate insulin sensitivity and effects! As far as steroids affecting bloodsugar only Hgh has had this effect on me and have done most things! Timing of exercise, timing of food intake, and diet are all variables you can change to affect insulin sensitivity and how it affects you!

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