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i think the clomid and novla in combo were pretty clutch. my strength isnt fading at all either. my endurance is a little bit less though.

thanks man. i start the new gig monday. theyre sending me to canada already on monday evening, paying me ot to drive! hope theres gyms in canada.

speaking of which, planet fitness is pretty much a national chain right? i might get a membership there for while im on the road... i dont like pf at all but if it keeps me lifting then so be it.

thanks bro. i need to get it under control. i've been eating pretty clean for almost year, my willpower is shot! lol
That's exactly what happened to me along with having family out of town then followed by a vacation I went on with my girl fr our anniversary. I lost all will power being at the mercy of delicious restaurant food and an anabeta appetite. It creeps up on you the one day you look and your tummy is poking out a little more lol

On a more positive note I ran almost the same pct as you and kept all strength. Pct was not bad At all.