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  1. TNE???

    hey i just injected 100mg TNE. to test it out, got a bunch in. it has left a very sweet sense in my nose. i noticed the oil having a sweet smell while i was injecting. what is these. what kind of oil has this property?

  2. it's the guaiacol most likely brotha

    you'll get used to it after a while but that's normal

  3. well that **** is crazy good. ****ing best work out of my life. i hired a form coach too. starting september. help with squats, deadlifts, olymic press. and help with chest. those are my weak points. gona try him out for 8 weeks while on tren ace. ill be using this TNE pre work out during that time too

  4. yeah i love TNE. its the only test i use now

    tren a is coming up for me soon too... enjoy the ride man

  5. my source is now carrying TNE/tren ace blend. would you have to dose twice a day. i here the half life of TNE is only like 8 hours. how would you set up a cycle with it as the base?

  6. what's the dosages of each?

  7. wont know till monday. but id imagine its 100/100.

  8. but i ment how do you set up a cycle with TNE as your base. i like it alot more than prop. no pip and get a mother fuk'n rush. its like drugz

  9. things don't always work out in the real world like they do on paper

    most ppl will tell you TNE needs to be shot daily, or even two times a day. not true. i run it EOD preWO with excellent results.

    if its dosed at 100/100 then 1cc EOD of the stuff should yield excellent results

  10. I like the concept of TNE...testosterone as a pre-WO. The ultimate replacement to pre-WO supplements lol.

    I'm wondering what it would be like to run it with a test-e base. Ie, 500mg of test-e weekly with TNE just shot on the days you're training, so maybe 100mg M - W - F - Sat. Only issue is that that's 900mg total of test weekly, which would be a bit much (for myself at least). I just like the concept of a base. Perhaps you could just do 250mg of test-e weekly, then supplement the 4 shots in with that. 650mg test a week is pretty reasonable.

    Ideas ideas...
    Quote Originally Posted by LiamTaylor View Post
    I push myself to limits everyday i train tbh, visited my mum yesterday and she said i looked a bit bigger, she doesnt know about the steroids

  11. Well I'm running 600mg of test per week. And I shot 100mg of Tne prewo the other day and god damn. No need for caffeine. I will be using it later on during the cycle on heavy days. I think this is how most people use it.

  12. agreed from what I have read tne is an amazing drug

  13. Quote Originally Posted by mich29 View Post
    agreed from what I have read tne is an amazing drug
    amazing is an understatement this **** is addictive.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by csa2179 View Post
    amazing is an understatement this **** is addictive.
    I am glad to hear that. I have read mixed reviews. I have been looking forward to trying it myself the tne.tren a combo sounds sweet. Keep us up to date. What were the benfits of the tne pre w/o?

  15. i dont think my explanation could really do it justice. it is some good stuff. i would gladly shoot this stuff twice a day for 8 weeks.

  16. def an amazing preworkout item thats for sure

  17. Quote Originally Posted by mich29
    def an amazing preworkout item thats for sure
    Email me for free prodigy samples
    [email protected]

  18. ive got some test suspension coming. i hear it hits you harder than TNE. im going to put it in the stash, use it on another cycle

  19. Test suspension is the same as TNE Brotha
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  20. Quote Originally Posted by schwellington
    Test suspension is the same as TNE Brotha
    Oh Boy, google......

  21. Quote Originally Posted by schwellington
    Test suspension is the same as TNE Brotha
    I thought suspension was just test suspended in bac water and TNE is in oil

  22. yeah it is but its the same thing, TNE creates a depot so it last a little bit longer. its the the same test powder

  23. Quote Originally Posted by foxpharma

    Oh Boy, google......
    Ok dipsh!t.

    Test no ester or TNE is testosterone SUSPENDED in oil

    Test suspension is GUESS WHAT Testisterone SUSPENDED in water.

    Both have NO ester

    Oil uptake in the muscle and water uptake in the muscle is negligible. Water being SLIGHTLY faster but really makes no difference
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  24. drawing some TNE as we speak


  25. Quote Originally Posted by chocolatemilk View Post
    drawing some TNE as we speak

    i just injected 100mg TNE, 300mg Test e. hitting arms later

  26. chest and bis for me, mixin it up

    and here comes the smell


  27. kill it man, i love this ****

  28. souns like someone really likes their tne

  29. the phuck am I missing here? newb here that loves to lift heavy ****. TNE is test no ester, so is it best used on cycle with say winstrol or something simple like furuza pre workout? Or is it run like a normal test cycle, like sustanon shot twice a week etc.
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  30. well u can use it alot of ways. its awesome. personally if your looking for a short cycle i would run it at 2 shots a day at 50mg each one. run the cycle for 6-8 weeks. im using it eod at 100mg, then im also running 600mg of test e a week. i know 2 shots a day would be alot of sticks but this **** goes straight to the dome


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