Week 6 of Test E + winstrol cycle, wanting to stop winstrol mid cycle!!

  1. Week 6 of Test E + winstrol cycle, wanting to stop winstrol mid cycle!!

    30 mg a day of winny started on week 4 of my test e cycle, can't do with the back pump its actually killing me. Water, taurine, potassium nothing has helped.. Can't train kickboxing at all. Want to stop it soon.. I've tapered down to 10mg a day now, can i just stop or would i need a PCT mid cycle or should i just wait till i'm done with the test.. (12 week cycle)


  2. bro if winstrol is the reason than straight up drop it. no need for pct as long as u have ur test base. and no fence bro but this is awful cycle planning. u train a combat sport and picked winstrol? thats probably one of the worst choices u can pick.

  3. I thought i'd be able to handle it at a low dosage... apparently not. thanks for the reply man will drop it from tonight.

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