Did i wait long enough to get blood drawn?

  1. Did i wait long enough to get blood drawn?

    I have had blood tests done in the past that showed i had very low testosterone ((5 yrs ago 318),(107,109 this year) -on three separate occasions). I was self treating myself, until i found a doc(so i didnt feel like crap anymore) with 30mgs Test Prop. a day for the last 30 days. I just got a HRT doc and had blood drawn and am waiting on results, but was wondering if i waited long enough after my last shot of propinate to get my normal test levels back in the low range (treatable range). I was at 107 and 109 total test previously. my last shot of 30mgs of propinate was thursday and had blood drawn the following Tuesday afternoon (5 days after last shot)...I hope i didnt jump the gun and get tested too soon, but i started to feel run down and crappy again already- very tired Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks for the help everyone!
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  2. You should be good man. 30mg isn't that much and its a short ester so after 5 days your serum levels should have dropped low enough to get low test results back.
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