I was diagnosed with low T.
Total: 316 (280 -1100)
Free: 18.43 (1.9-27)
Estradiol 18.6 (7.6-42.6)

I decided to try HCG as recommended by my Doctor. HCG because I am 34 and plan to have kids in the next year or two. The Doctor prescribed 250iu/day. When I went to the pharmacy to get the prescription they gave me a 10,000iu vile and the injections which were inappropriately sized. (they were not for insulin). Each injection could hold 3ml. I was told by the Pharmacist to take 2.5ml for 250iu's. They were negligent as that is 10 times the actual amount prescribed by my Dr. I had no clue at the time and trusted the Pharmacist.

I thought I took 150iu the first 3 days and 200iu for the 4th day. Instead, not knowing, I actually took 1500iu for 3 days then 2000iu the 4th day before realizing that the bottle was almost done. This is way over the 500iu/24hrs max that I have heard about. I took in 6500iu in 4 days. I did not have any swelling, blood pressure is normal, and I don't feel any pain or discomfort.

I am extremely worried. I have read that overdoing it with HCG can cause permanent shutdown of sperm and testosterone production! Can this happen from the above dosing? I took did blood work today but no new results yet. Any links to medical journals on overdosing on HCG would help. I am considering going to a sperm bank to preserve some just in case..