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    cut dude, if ure over 12% bf you should try and cut down to 6-7%, if you can use a lower dosage of test with it, maybe some epistane or anavar to hold on to your muscle gains you just made from your bulk
    Will the Super DMZ 2.0 be enough to hold on the muscle through a cut?
    Forever Power!!!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by juggaloaded View Post
    Will the Super DMZ 2.0 be enough to hold on the muscle through a cut?
    i dont know the strength of it anabolic vs androgenic wise, put considering its a PH, i doubt it, ud probably need to chuck in another high anabolic ph like epistane or a low dosage of test (250mg-300mg p/wk), to maximise your lean muscle retention throughout a cut.

  3. Alrite Bridging the Super-DMZ RX 2.0 to a 10 week Test+Deca cycle. Let the good times roll...
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  4. Day 55: Weight: 180

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    Ok since this will end With a PH, I'm going to take it on over to phforums.com. TIME TO CUT!

    -Thanks for followin
    Forever Power!!!

  5. Ok Change of plans I might keep this one going, They are extremely immature over there lol wtf
    Forever Power!!!

  6. Day 58: Weight: 182.2lbs

    ---->This PH is no joke guys. All day pumps, muscle fullness. Today will be a true test to see if It's strength effects kickin.

    Today: Chest+arms+30min cardio
    Forever Power!!!

  7. Ok my bench is up 30 pounds for reps on 5th day of Super DMZ 2.0

    The pumps are insane to say the least.

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    Forever Power!!!

  8. Day 7: Weight: Same(threw a crap load of water weight on the first week)

    Lethargy is deff hitting me, not bad nothing a cup of coffee won't cure!

    Today: Back, Bi's, 30min cardio
    Forever Power!!!

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    Forever Power!!!

  10. whyd u cut the dmz so short man?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by SkubaSteve89
    whyd u cut the dmz so short man?
    ^^ this

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Lukef2000 View Post
    ^^ this
    ^^ this

  13. The DMZ is extremely powerful, and I feel like I'm ready to cut. Gonna save it for November! Thanks for following guys!

    Note: If you want a kickass PH jump on this badboy

    Still Gaining through pct so all in all I started at 164 ended at 185. 21lbs gained!!! Those last couple of pounds were deff from the DMZ 2.0
    Forever Power!!!

  14. SIKE!!!

    Note: If its too powerfull, your too old lol.

    ...The cycle continues...
    Forever Power!!!

  15. I was JKing you guys of course I'm gonna end the cycle.
    Forever Power!!!


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