Mass stack help please

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    I haven't used AS for about 5 years so trying to find out what seems to be the latest info and speak to people with experience hence being on here.

    GLHF- if I don't need to take so much that would be good news, the least I can put into my body to get some solid gains the better.

    You did say in an earlier post for me to take more or I was soft.(?lol)

    Everyone has an opinion and I appreciate everyone who posts, it's down to my personal choice at the end of the day.

    Harsh words always welcome too if it helps me or someone else in a positive way.
    well u did ask for an all out mass stack so i gave u it. i just saw people posting crazy **** so i went hard lol.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by StickmanLee
    DLHF and Dr.S I'd be interested to know what advice you would recommend for pct for the 600 test e and dbol cycle? Thank you
    Clomid, exemestane, DAA and Reduce XT for cortisol.

  3. Clomid, low dose nolva, DAA (dose this **** high since its mad cheap) and Erase/Reduce XT

  4. Thanks guys very much appreciated!


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