5th week in test cyp 400mg per week

  1. 5th week in test cyp 400mg per week

    Hi guys I'm currently in my 5th week of test cyp 400mg per week and want to check in to see whether I'm on track for a successful cycle.

    Height -190cm Age-26
    Starting weight - 200lbs bf 15.9%
    Weight today - 210lbs bf 14.9%
    Training since I was 22 but have been seriously dedicated for 2 1/2 years.
    My goal is to reach 10% bf whilst retaining as much muscle as I can.

    My diet currently is between 2600 calories and 3000 calories on rest days and workout days respectively consisting of 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight (210g) 98.3g of fat and 221g of carbohydrates.

    There seems to be little scientific studies on diets for steroid users and the most common response to come across is eat loads ect without any reasoning as to why this would be more beneficial as opposed to a smaller surplus.

    So far I'm pleased with my results as I'm leaner and bigger and have been getting comments from people I work with asking me what I'm taking ect.

    I just want to make sure I'm on the right track and get some educated feedback from more experienced users than myself.

    This is my first cycle, in hindsight I probably started to soon as I wasn't at a low enough bf according to general consensus but it's a little late now and I guess like others I was too eager to get results quick.

    I'm not planning on sticking to just this cycle, I decided before I began that if I do start I will continue using steroids to become as big as possible and would like to compete in some local shows eventually.

    Any advice would be welcome

    Cheers all.

  2. up 10lbs and down 1% bf is awsome progress bro. keep up the work. as far as diet while on gear. my approach is high carb high protein and super low fat. my theory is that since glycogen and nitrogen retention are increased so greatly u can make use of the extra carbs and protein. and dont need as much fats for testosterone production because your getting it exogenously so u just need the minimal amount for organ health. this is just my thought so take it as u want haha

  3. Thanks for the input mate, kind of hard tailoring a diet based on the use of steroids as there doesn't seem to be any concrete studies on it and only opinions on what has worked for people in the past ect.

    From all the reading I've done over the last year or so before I started using there doesn't seem to be a single agreed upon method for protein intake based on weight like their is for a natural body builder so it's difficult to set macro's ect and involves alot of experimenting.

    Problem is how do you know how you will respond to the compounds you take and how best to tailor a diet based on them.

    For now I will continue with my current diet, keep a detailed log on my progress and on my next cycle try a different approach (most likely a gradual bulk as opposed to my current recomp, with lower fat intake).

    Hopefully after a few cycles (will stick to just 400mg test cyp for consistency) I will have a better understanding of what works for me.

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