Iím in my late fortyís , and have been on trt ( 200mg test cyp weekly), Iíd like to take a break from this,
and run profina @ 100mg eod for 4 weeks.

I have mild BPH/ weak urine stream but my past PSA test score are good/low, Iíll be due for another PSA blood test in about 6 weeks from now if it's high the doctor could discontinue my test cyp script.

Question-Could running this blast effect my PSA test? Iíll have 2 weeks for it to clear from my system before
the blood work/PSA test.

History-Iíve only done one cycle in my life; it was about 7 years ago, 75mg tne & 75mg tren eod for 16 weeks. I donít know if it was just a coincedence but shortly after stopping the cycle is when I started noticing the BPH problems and also a few months later I developed ED problems.