Need expert advice on Hormone related issues.

  1. Need expert advice on Hormone related issues.

    First of all if you do not receive information from researching clinical studies and just take words from other people without researching them please do not respond to my question.

    I am a 22 years old with a testosterone level of 275ng That is with 1,500 iu of hcg a week. My previous blood test was 3 months ago and at 475ng thats before hcg. Has anyone ever seen a decrease of testosterone with hcg? My lifestyle is in detail to health. My diet is pretty solid. no starches, high fats, organic meats, organic veggies , b vitamins, metagenics multivits, 100mg of pregnenalone, 25mg of dhea before bed.Its confusing the **** out of me i still can lift heavy weight have plenty of muscle mass on me but i am suffering from no libido to the point where i have girls indirectly saying they want to **** and I dont care . My memory has gone to **** as long with my drive.One thing i am not surffering from is ed.I feel i am in the range where i should take an injectable cyp or enthanate but i rather avoid those if i can.. If anyone can shed some light on my unique problem i would greatly appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance,

  2. If you need an expert opinion, seek an expert. They're traditionally referred to as medical doctors.

  3. huh? i have never heard of one of them. Interesting concept.

  4. First why are u using hcg?? PCT? ever used roids? or mysterios supplements? Here In germany we got a protein long time ago that was with methyltesto. No one knows but it messed up the hormone system.

  5. I suggest seeking professional services for this (Doctor)
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  6. Fox Pharma i was using hcg because i had a low testosterone level of 425ng. I am 22 years old and my doc thought that level at my age was low so he gave me hcg. My doctor can not even figure out why i had negative feedback from the hcg. I have looked for studies and other articles to see if anyone has had similar problems but none so far.


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