How to optimally dose Test E for THT

  1. How to optimally dose Test E for THT

    Im thinking about trying to "optimize" my hormone levels since Im on the lower end of the T spectrum @ 400mg/dl. I want to do an injection every 10-14 days of Test E but Im not trying to get cycle like results, I just want to have the benefits of higher T levels, like sex drive, libido, better mood, more energy...since Im not technically "low" my DR wont give me TRT which I understand, and I dont want to shut myself down, so I figure you guys may be able to help me out here. Any suggestions? I have access to 10ml 200mg bottles...I was thinking 150mg every 10 days, but Im not sure if that protocol would work best or not. Thanks for your input

  2. any exogenous use of testosterone will shut u down unless its already less than what u would naturally produce so theres really nothing u can do. imo either do a cycle with pct and do it right or dont bother. maybee some natty supps are better for ur goals

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