Hey Guys,

This will be my first post on these boards so bare with me. I have never run any PH's or AAS but I have done a ton of research for someone who has never cycled before. I am looking for a cycle that will build lean muscle while blasting away fat for that summer look. Whatever I decide must not have any negitave side effects on libido. I would like it to have positive effects. I am 5' 8" 157 pounds. I do not know my body fat percentage but I am extremly lean and cut. I also suffer from ADHD/OCD which leaves me extremly unproductive ooutside of the gym. This is why I have my heart set on throwing Dermacrine into the mix for the mental effects. Anyway, here are some possible cycles that I cannot decide on which one is best for me.

Dermacrine/Androhard V3


Dermacrine/Test Prop/Aromasin


Dermacrine/Anavar/ Test Prop

If anyone has any experience with any of these cycles I would love to hear about it!! Thanks guys!