Today I pinned my medial delt for the first time; my first attempt was a non-starter as I failed to relax enough and the muscle twitched going in. I got about 0.1cc in before I had to stop from the pain. I changed needles and moved the site about 2cm anteriorly and injected no problem. 1.2cc total, which I think may have been a bit much for my virgin (fairly small) delt.

Since then (about 3 hours ago), my delt has a pretty bad "just punched" feeling common to flu shots and the like. New to me is the throbbing hand. It's right around the base of my thumb and comes and goes depending on how I hold my arm. Deep, achy feeling.

Anyone else get this? I thought I might have trapped a nerve but the axial, medial, and radial nerves are nowhere near there.