Looking to run 12 weeks test prop 75ed. Weeks 6-12 was thinking anavar 50mg Ed. I am a little confused about dht. I am prescribed danazol for gyno and not sure what benefits this would yield on cycle. Increased dht?
This is where I'm confused. Products like forma stanzol decrease dht? Why? Would that not be a benefit? Does the danazol increase dht and if so would proviron or androhard be a better choice. From what I have read from an article by Eric potratz, (16 ways to fight gyno) increased dht is a PLUS! I will run aromasin throughout w Letro and caber on hand. If I ran forma w danazol or proviron wouldnt that be conflicting and cancell each others benefits out?
Thanks. One more ? Do I need a kicker w prop? Or does it act quickly? I was thinking tbol but not sure if it's needed. Thanks guys really need your help here. Been researching tons and just over thinking it I guess.