1. M4ohn/androhardv2

    So I'm going to be running an M4ohn/AH cycle in about 3 weeks. Just wanted some feedback on the compound m4ohn mostly sides. As it was banned in the USA in 2004 not many logs are around. And since bb destroyed most of their log I assume a lot of data was lost.

    From what I gather it's similar to var but is progestin related. I will be running androhard along side for any estrogenic sides and to keep the cycle more androgenic as I am cutting.
    Also, hear it's good for joints and recovery (definitely welcome as I still hope to gain strength )

    Dosing is as follows:


    Andorhard will be 9 pills ED

    Any suggestions or comments please feel free to post.

    Thanks in advance!!

    RecoverBro ELITE

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    RecoverBro ELITE

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