Danazol on cycle?

  1. Danazol on cycle?

    How well would Danazol do on cycle as far as ai properties are concerned? Does it even compare to proviron or winny? I understand it shuts you down, and I'm currently prescribed 400mg/day and was wondering if I should just go ahead and run some test e with it? Thanks!

  2. Never heard of the stuff but after some quick googling it seems its prescribed mainly to women but is also for men for a few random things. Do you mind sharing why you are prescribed it?

    Also what are you compounds and how much are you looking to run. Which would give us a better idea of how useful it would be

  3. It was prescribed to me for a mild case of gyno. I was thinking of running a test-e (5-600mg)/provirion and maybe masteron cycle with Aromasin 12.5ed. If the danazol is strong enough to help with libido and provide some ai properties, then I will just replace the provirion with it. I was instructed to run it for 3 months, so if it does shut me down, I might as well be SHUT DOWN! Thanks for the response!

  4. i also have gyno and once you have it, it becomes like a 100 times easier to aggravate and grow. so no matter what if i were you, i would have an AI and run it continuously threw the cycle maybe even start it a week or 2 before you begin (you can never be to safe when it comes to gyno. ive never used aromasin so i cant comment there, ive always used letro which i would highly recomend.

    also masteron was origanlly made for women with breast cancer i believe and has slight AI properties itself, but still you should run an AI. and i agree if you may get shutdown from the danazol you might as well use the time to cycle, eventhough the gyno reduction will be less effect with the extra androgen. but really once the lump is there its there. but you may get some shrinkage. it always seems to me that if im not running an AI my gyno is always somewhat aggravated and with letro the aggravasion goes down and so does the lump. which is what most people i think interupt and it shrinking but its more your just stop aggravation if that makes sense. good luck

  5. Makes very good sense, I agree. Actually tapering off Letro onto aromas on right now. I love how well Letro works, just hate the way it kills libido and gives me a terrible rebound effect. I'm loving aromasin so far though.

  6. So I think I have come to a conclusion on the cycle.
    Test prop 75mg/Ed weeks 1-16
    Tbol (not sure on dose Weeks 1-8
    Anavar (not sure on dose) weeks 8-16

    I am still debating on the provirion. Is it necessary if I am running Danazol? I am kind of confused as I have been reading that Danazol LOWERS dht? Provirion increases? Either way I wan to run one of the two for bloat and ai properties. The Danazol is prescribed, so it's free. What do u guys think? I will be running aromasin 12.5mg Ed throughout cycle w comid/torem/dAA pct. thanks all!

  7. anyone else? I posted a similar thread w a few different questions so input is greatly appreciated!


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