Looking for comments on upcoming cycle

  1. Looking for comments on upcoming cycle

    Trying to finalize upcoming cycle but have a few questions.

    First, here are my specs:
    Age: 27
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 180
    Waist: 34'

    My goals:
    Cut and increase strength without getting bloated / retaining water.

    Here is the loose plan I have put together so far:

    Weeks 1-10: Test-E 250mg per week. Low dose, have never done it.
    Weeks 3-9: Anavar 50mg ED.
    Weeks 3-9: Proviron 50mg ED.
    Weeks 1-10: 0.25mg EOD Arimidex (i retain water very easily).
    Weeks 11-15: Clomi / Nolva (have both).

    Diet is dialed in.

    I think a lot of replies will focus on increasing Test-E to 500mgs per week but I'd rather see how this goes then do a more bulk-based cycle after summer.

    Thanks guys.

  2. I'd definitely at least run the test at 500mg, 250 is like a TRT dose bro, and run it at least 12 weeks. Your pct would start week 14 then since test e takes 2 weeks to clear. I doubt you'll have any bloat between proviron and arimidex so don't worry.

  3. Thanks man. So I take it you think running just Anavar and Proviron both at 50 ED would be a waste? My original plan was not using Test at all just adding the Proviron to increase libido...

  4. Yeah gains would b mediocre at best with just the anavar.

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