Broken Leg--the epilog

  1. Broken Leg--the epilog

    I posted about 7 weeks ago that I had surgery to repair a shattered fibula. I had a steel plate installed which required about a 9 inch incision. My plan was to take HGH and TRT doses of test, 200 a week, and continue working out to the best of my ability. That meant no standing curls, no legs, but could bench close to the normal weight.

    I tried to break the cast with my foot every day, doing so to keep it strong, knowing I could never break it. I also kept active, not allowing myself to get complacent.

    After 6 weeks, the bone had healed remarkably well the doc said. I didn't need therapy or the boot. The cast came off and I walked out of the office. A week later now and I'm almost back to normal. A week before the cast came off I upped the test to 400mgs and added 50mgs of anadrol a day. This was my first full week and I was right back to the weight I had been lifting prior to the break.

    Did the HGH and test help? I don't know, but it didn't hurt.

    My only point in posting this is to give some non-scientific feedback on using HGH during recovering from a broken bone and how test seemed to have kept my muscles from atrophying.

  2. Glad to hear that your recovery has gone very well, bro. There is no doubt the combo of HGH/Test helped expedite the healing process; as well as allow you to maintain your muscle mass.

    There is some good supportive literature of using HGH for bone/fracture healing and the osteogenesis process. I have a few of them saved on my computer somewhere; I just need to find them. I'll post them up once I do.

    I hope your recovery continues with haste!


    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve


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