Best PH on the market?

  1. Best PH on the market?

    Ive been doing a lot of cutting and its led me to a size id rather not be. i dont want to hop on test or anything for a couple reasons..1 the money, rather spend my money on enjoying this summer and 2 i dont want water retention after all the cutting ive done lol

    so ill start with stats

    209 lbs (was 225)
    22 years old

    the question is, what is, if any, the best LEGAL PH on the market. i have pct any kind on hand always so thats not an issue.. heard of halotest 2.5 ? im really looking for something that wont bloat me, that will work with my half ass cutting cycle, just want to add a quick 5-8 lbs of leaf muscle back on

  2. Halo plex

  3. With a the extra sups you gotta take during a PH cycle of 4 or 6 weeks plus 4 weeks pct, a test-E cycle with pct isn't any more expensive man. Plus you will keep more gains on a 12 week cycle than a 4 or 6 week cycle. And a good AI will stop the bloat.
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    Common bro why would u take d Bol just take plain steroids if ur gonna do it since first place
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    I dont want titties.... will that product work for a SERM?

  4. Im going to run Epic labs stuff in a few weeks but have no idea how well it works
    Use code marms for 25% off also works with IRON LEGION

  5. Have you tried epi?



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