HCG Storage and Shelf-Life

  1. HCG Storage and Shelf-Life


    I had recently received my Corion 5000iu in the mail, and was gearing up to use it for my upcoming cycle. Firstly, I'm storing it in the refrigerator, because it seems like that's the overwhelming suggestion from those familiar with HCG. However, I was reading the booklet that comes with it, and noticed this little paragraph under Dosage/Usage:

    "The aqueous solution of gonadotrophins has a limited shelf-life. Consequently the solution of Corion in the solvent should be prepared directly before the injection. The reconstituted solution should be used immediately. Unused solution must be discarded."

    I was planning to do 250ius twice a week of this product. I had planned to mix the 2ml of solvent with the Corion's 5000ius, and then simply pull .1ml of the solution into a slin pin each time I wanted to inject (would rather not be mixing into 10ml and then be shooting .5cc into my stomach twice a week). However, I don't know how to accomplish this since the product claims you should only mix what you're going to use. I had planned to keep the solution in my refrigerator throughout my entire cycle and simply pull from the bottle throughout the 10 weeks I was using it, which seems to be what most lifters do on cycle. Has everyone been doing it wrong, or is the manufacturer simply being cautious with the suggestion of using it all at once?

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    Was browsing a few more threads on this forum...it seems like a lot of people follow a 30-day rule, although quite a few say they've gotten away with 60 days without noticing any decrease in potency (or at least any decrease in the intended effect of HCG). Can anyone speculate on why the instructions with the product would predict such a shorter shelf life?

  3. This is what I do, although by no means am I saying I have the answer. My instructions say the reconstituted mix will last 60 days. However, the majority say 30 days max. I believe that as soon as it's mixed, it starts to lose potency. If my mix lasts more than 30 days, I increase the amount allowing for degradation. So after 30 days, I may inject 500iu to get what I would normally get with 250 iu under the 30 day window. This is by no means scientific and I can't back up anything I just said with clinical studies. Just saying that's what I do.

  4. There's certainly something to be said for self-administered tests of such things haha. That's actually not a bad idea...I got two 5000iu containers, so since I plan to run it for 10 weeks + two weeks while my system clears, the increased dosages in comparison to what I have on hand are pretty good.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. You have to use the hcg no more than 22 days after you mix it. That's right 22 days according to my doctor. I use it my self its amazing. I do 1000iu 3 times a week. 250iu is low

  6. I've found it seems to lose strength about 4 weeks after reconstituting it.
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  7. 22 days sounds about right. Can't imagine why it would need to last for longer.

    An idea for those who don't want to keep their HCG in a communal fridge or freezer - buy a 'micro fridge' (single can thermoelectric cooler) off eBay for 10. Insulate it with polystyrene chunks and bathroom sealant and make sure it's fully airtight. Keeps the vial at 4.5C and can be kept in a cupboard or somewhere discrete. Genius if I say so.

  8. I've noticed increase in testicular size and sperm volume after 1.5 months of having it stored. Shot 250iu
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  9. I found after 4 weeks it is worthless and actually starts to weaken after week 3.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by kisaj View Post
    I found after 4 weeks it is worthless and actually starts to weaken after week 3.
    I agree. I inject at night before bed and wake up the nrxt morning with bursting balls and wood. After about 3-4 weeks that starts to stop and I mix a new batch and bam its right back. I now buy it in 2000iu amps and use that in about 20 days so I never really go past 3 weeks until I am using a new batch.

    I don't freeze or keep it in the fridge until after its reconstituted then its stored in the fridge.
    The advice I give is just that... Advice, purely my opinion. Not medical advice


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