My First Cycle soon, Advice?

  1. My First Cycle soon, Advice?

    I've been doing research on a basic cycle and was hoping some of you with experience would be willing to share your wisdom. I'm 6'3", 260ish, 16-17% body fat, and my big lifts are decent.

    Was thinking of running Test E 500mg/week for 10 weeks and Clomid as a PCT for week 12-14(300 day 1, 200 day 2, 100 day 3, and 50mg day 4-21)

    Anything else I should run to help me gain or come down off the cycle?

    I'm looking to gain about 30lbs and I eat like a beast already so no problem there.

    Hard to find these in New Hampshire and I know sourcing isn't allowed but my inbox is empty

  2. HCG weeks 2 to 10 at 250iu, 2x/week. Add a 4th week to clomid @ 50.
    Pain is just weakness leaving the body...

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