Test E/Tren Cycle

  1. Test E/Tren Cycle

    I've been a member for some time but have always been a lurker. I belong to some many forums, that I just read instead of post. But the time has come for me to finally post. I would just like some honest revisions of a cycle I am considering. I realize my dosages may be on the lower side than some would like, but I am not trying to get too crazy. So here it goes:

    I plan on running a 10 week cycle of

    Test E: 300mg every 5 days for 10 weeks
    Tren: 50mg ED or EOD, not sure yet, would like some feedback here, for the first 8 weeks
    Aromasin: 20-25mg ED from day 1 till last day of PCT
    HCG: 250iu's twice a week, starting on week 5 till the first 2 weeks of PCT
    Nolva or Clomid (from my understanding Nolva doesn't work with Aromasin): 20 mgs ED for 5 weeks

    Please revise and adjust anywhere you see fit. This is a cycle I created based on my research on the internet and personal recommendations.

  2. Do the tren ace ED bro. 25mg aromasin ED is overkill, i'd use arimidex .25mg EOD, that should b fine since you're running such a low dose of test. Don't run hcg into your pct either, it is suppressive, stop it 3 days before u start you're pct. I'd also extend the test out to 12 weeks since you're using enanthate. Have caber on hand just in case u experience prolactin sides from tren, .5mg E3D would suffice. For your pct i'd use clomid instead of nolva, and aromasin 25mg ED plus a test booster and something for cortisol.

  3. Sounds good! Thanks brother

  4. No problem bro. U gonna log it?

  5. I'll try to. My schedule is pretty busy so I'll keep everyone posted. Good idea though!

  6. Sounds good bro. Tear this sh*t up.


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