Prop vs Test E with aromasin for bloat

  1. Prop vs Test E with aromasin for bloat

    Would test E at 500mg/wk with 12.5mg Aromasin/day cause more bloat than prop at
    100mg eod without the aromasin?

  2. enanthate and propionate are very similar, more so than many think. both are testosterone so they will have extremely similar effects. the difference in the ester really only effects how quickly it is absorbed in the body. the difference in esters does not, however, change the effects of the testosterone. once the test is active in your body, the ester it had is gone so you will have the same test effects as you would with test e.

    prop is good for shorter cycles because it exerts its effects more quickly than enanthate or cyp. unfortunately this means more frequent injections, which can often be painful. frequent injections aren't all bad tho....the short acting nature of prop allows you to more efficiently regulate just how much test you are using.

    as for the bloat, it really isnt all bad, in fact its good. your muscles are mostly water and the nutrients your muscles need are in that water so swelling up is good. I'm not sure why ppl try so hard to avoid it. both are gonna cause you to gain equal amounts of water weight.

    I'm assuming this will be your first time on AAS so id recommend test e. it gives you 12 weeks to make gains and only requires injections once or twice a week. prop would only give you like 6 or so weeks on, which will seem like no time and wont let you get the hang of using AAS. prop would also require injecting every other day and the injections can be a pretty serious annoyance--especially for virgin muscles. i wouldnt recommend starting at 500 either. 400 is a great dose cuz you get the most benefits with the fewest sides. your gains are proportional to the dose you take but the same is not entirely true for the side effects. above 400 or so you start getting more sides (cholesterol issues etc) eventho the gains are constant. start low and work your way up because any dose you take will make a difference and theres no use taking a bigger dose if a smaller one will elicit good id say test e for 12 weeks. use aromasin during if you want. take 12.5mg ed for about a week and then after that initial week take 12.5 eod. given the half life of asin you need that first week to build it up in your system, after that you can maintain blood levels by taking it eod. if you have hcg you should def get some. youd recover without it but it would take longer and you could lose some of your gains. take 200-250iu every 3-4 days starting around week 3 and then stop the hcg before you start pct

  3. Quote Originally Posted by sundevil04 View Post
    Would test E at 500mg/wk with 12.5mg Aromasin/day cause more bloat than prop at
    100mg eod without the aromasin?
    You know, that's like asking if you'll gain more weight eating 2 pounds of turkey with gravy or 3 pounds of chicken without gravy. Who knows?

    I didn't do the math, but you'll probably get more test with 400mgs of prop than with 500mgs of test e per week. It would be close.

    Most guys worry about bloat with adrol or dbol, not pure test. Test, especially at 500mgs per week, shouldn't cause noticeable bloat unless you're already out of shape or heavy. Aromasin is my E2 control by choice, so for me, I like it. Do you need it? Maybe, maybe not. Only blood work will tell. When you go into this guessing, then one guess is as good as another.

    Consider your options a wash as far as test in your system. So either way, do you need an AI? It won't hurt, but it may be an over kill.

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