Injection Site (lack of) soreness

  1. Injection Site (lack of) soreness

    I just recently finished my 3rd injection of testE in my glute and contrary to my previous injections there in no site soreness. My first two injections (both in the glute) were moderately sore for two days before dissipating. The first two times I used a 1" 23g pin, where this time I used 1.5" 23g pin. Just curious as to why I could be lacking soreness at the site of injection and if there should be any cause for concern. Thanks.

    EDIT: I dug around and found out some additional info that answered my original question -

    'When a new muscular site is invaded and a volume of substance is injected therein, there is often some soreness associated with such an injection. The muscle group is not used to containing an additional volume of a substance, thus pain can result. This is usually only experienced when a site is first used for an IM injection. This is why when using a new site it is encouraged to inject a smaller amount initially, from 0.5-1ml dependent upon muscle size. Such pain and soreness usually ceases after a site has received at least one injection.'

  2. Yur gear could be fake. Im pretty sure most pip is because of the oip being absorbed in your muscle before the test does so if theres no test then it would be pain free. Orrrr maybe yu just found a sweet spot to inject

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