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    if i find a site that is selling axio labs products, and they are on the approved supplier list, which you can search on the website, can i be sure i am getting the real axio labs products? any info anyone has would be appreciated. thanks

  2. Read the rules

  3. Use google, then bing. Then read reviews on your product. The only way to be 100% sure your gear is legit is to get a script from your doctor. Otherwise, find the best-reviewed ugl out there and hope for the best....

  4. Ive read the rules, i didnt think asking a general question about the websites accuracy about official supplies violates that. I asked nothing further.

  5. A website is a source. Rule #2 states no discussing sources.
    You want source and gear info, eroids is the place for that...

  6. gotcha, my apologies


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