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    if i find a site that is selling axio labs products, and they are on the approved supplier list, which you can search on the website, can i be sure i am getting the real axio labs products? any info anyone has would be appreciated. thanks

  2. Read the rules
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  3. Use google, then bing. Then read reviews on your product. The only way to be 100% sure your gear is legit is to get a script from your doctor. Otherwise, find the best-reviewed ugl out there and hope for the best....

  4. Ive read the rules, i didnt think asking a general question about the websites accuracy about official supplies violates that. I asked nothing further.

  5. A website is a source. Rule #2 states no discussing sources.
    You want source and gear info, eroids is the place for that...

  6. gotcha, my apologies


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