Cycle planning, test kickstart all these ideas rrrrrrFFFFrrrr

  1. Cycle planning, test kickstart all these ideas rrrrrrFFFFrrrr

    Hey all new here 6'6, 240lbs, 10% BF, 30 yrs.
    Done test, epi, pplex.

    Anyway got a 16 week test e cycle coming up and was gonna kickstart with helladrol/tranazone for 6 weeks but using roidcalc etc it kinda comes down to the point where in week 3 (after last shot) you still have 15+ mg of test in your body which is not PCT it is actually still on (we only make 5-10mg naturally)

    1) SO.... what do you guys think of

    Week: 1-15 test e 700mg/week (double dose 1st week)
    Week 1-2: Pplex 15mg/day (nice and easy, nothing crazy just get a little bump)

    Then Week 13-18= Helladrol 100mg/Trenazone 2ml

    Week 19-23 = PCT... all the goods nolva/clomid/aromasin/hcgenerate

    NOTE: hcg 250iu all cycle 2x week, letro, etc on hand

    2) Tymosin Beta 4/ TB - 500 - was thinking pondering wondering about using 2mg a week on cycle to stop hair shedding ?! lots have used it to grow back hair but i was thinking maybe its protective properties could help shied it from DHT derived damage while on??

  2. There's no need to frontload your test the first week, but everything looks good. I'd run some type of DHT base though while you're on trenazone though to avoid sides from it.

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