I'm ready to begin my first cycle after i finish up cutting this month. I really want all to go smoothly obviously and would like to be prepared but not have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on things I won't need. I have spent the last week browsing these forums and noticed there is still a difference of opinions specifically in PCT theory.

Stats: 25 Years, Weight 165, BF will be about 10% by the time i start the cycle.

I will take Test E @ 250 mg twice a week for 8 weeks (maybe 12 if all goes smoothly)
Aromasin while on cycle and leading into PCT.
Nolvadex for PCT.

Is the Novladex + Aromasin enough?
Some have said Nolva is best, while others say it is not as effective as Clomid.

I also do not have access to HCG, but i may by week 4 in the cycle, can I start taking it then if i choose to?

The next question I have is calories, I obviously want to eat enough to get the most I can out of my gear, but I'm cycling over the summer so I'd like to stay decently lean while getting bigger. Do I stick with the traditional 500 cals over maintenence? Or should I eat more on Test-E?

Lastly, how much lean mass can i expect to add in 12 weeks time? Because I will aim to gain that amount of weight. I'd love to gain 10-14 lbs of lean mass. That would make this cycle a huge success for me.

Thanks in advance for your help folks.