im back

  1. im back

    been off the boards for quite a few months. seemed when i had shoulder surgery and couldnt train i also lost interest in the boards. well its 10 months post surgery and my strength is back to just about where i left off. only difference is now flat benching is outta the question, but i dont care about that anyway.

    so to treat myself properly im running my trt dose of test along side 60mg var/day and 600mg primo/week. the var will go 10 weeks the primo 20. sweet stuff i know. this is a recomp cycle as all those months off took their toll on my appearance. i didnt get fat but of couse a bit soft. i waited til my strength was about equal to pre surgery b4 doing anything. size is almost back. now just time to harden it all back up

  2. Welcome back bro! Sounds like a nice gift! Lol...
    Screw bench press, dumbells are way better anyhow, you won't even notice not benching, well your shoulders will thank you for the break, but other than that your good!! Kill that **** man!!!
    You are born small and weak, you die small and weak...How you look in-between is entirely up to you...

  3. welcome back bro

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