Iron Labs Epi Xtreme

  1. Iron Labs Epi Xtreme

    (First post here so please bear with me, posted in supplements earlier, but trying to get feedback in anabolics)

    Has anyone here tried this? Had a friend recommend this to me and I'm curious to hear some feedback from others.

    I'm 41 years old, 6'2" 227 lbs. About 13.5% bodyfat. Normally lift about 3x per week with more of an emphasis on definition than mass. Also try to get cardio 3x per week---either a 2.0 jog or 5-mile bike ride. During the week I'm limited to about 6 hours sleep, but try to catch 8+ hours on the weekends. Drink 3-4 beers about 3x per week.

    The reason I'm asking about Epi Xtreme is that I'm looking to improve libido, especially desire and longer-lasting erections (size increase doesn't really matter to me). And I wouldn't mind building some lean mass in the process. From what I'm told, this is the same as RPN Havoc or Epistane.

    I'm currently moving into a new relationship with a lovely 24-year old lady, and she's putting me to shame in the bedroom. She likes to go pretty heavy about 2-3 hours, and I'm having a hard time keeping up (erection wise).

    From what I understand, most supplements like these have somewhat different effects on different people, but I'm curious to know the consensus here. I'm open to different supplements, but I don't wanna break the bank trying dozens of different products. I'd like to buy relatively inexpensive until I find something that works for me.

    Any ideas or feedback? Or any recommendations to a different type of product?

    Any help is greatly appreciated...

  2. Any thoughts on AI Sports Perform??

  3. I never thought EPI was a libido booster. What's wrong with the old blue pill? Pro hormone is not a real good long term answer. Plus if you don't pct correctly you can easily make things worse.

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