Using HGH

  1. Using HGH

    Exactly, what could HGH do for a person, I mean is it effective when used by itself? Also, does the U.S. allow the sell of true HGH? Is the HGH sold in places such as *** and vitamin shoppe the real deal or just watered down versions? Please shed some light for a newbie.....

  2. hgh can be used on a bulk or cut but can get very expensive quickly.
    no hgh is not legal to sell in the us. .none of the hgh stuff you see in supplement form is going to come anywhere near real legit hgh.

  3. ghrp-6's legal and stimulates growth hormone production. it also cant be traced in tests this plus natural ghrp-6 production doesnt go down when u inject it. thats why its a better way to go about increasing hgh levels imo.
    growth factors and peptides can be used to enhance any cells in the body.
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