Test E kick start ?

  1. Test E kick start ?

    Hi guys I'm considering a test e course soon but there are a number of factors which may or may not see me start it !

    I am fine with regards PCT (mostly thanks to this forum) and man beast in particular !

    Iv done a previous test e cycle about 5 years ago and got great results ! I'm thinking this time of using an oral to kick start it due to the long ester in the e !

    I know dbol is a favourite of many but im not so keen ! I don't want big mass gains my priority is strength gains due to the sport I play !

    So what are the alternatives ? Iv been thinking about anavar ? Any thoughts on this ? I was thinking of doing it for the first and last 4 weeks of the cycle but I'd be open to running it the whole 12 weeks if needs be !

    As I said I haven't made a decision yet as to if I will even do a cycle this year but I thought I'd start throwing some options together if I do feel the urge !

    Cheers guys !

  2. i think anavar is best set for either throughout the whole cycle or towards the end. why not just do test p and test e for the first 3 weeks then when test e starts to kick in, lay off the test p and just up your test e dosage? that would be a nice kickstart especially if your not trying to build too much mass and mainly just trying to get strength gains.

  3. some ppl use sd as a kickstart for the first 4 weeks. if ur not looking for big mass gains just watch your diet. what sport if u mind me asking. and what kinda dose of test e for the 12 weeks?

  4. Yea ok that sounds like a reasonable option and to be honest I like the thought of sticking to test.

    So if I was going to run test e and 500mg per week for 12 weeks would you just add the test prop in addition to this for the first 3 weeks ?

    What dosage for the test prop ? 250mg per week ?

    If I did that I think id add 50mg of proviron to due to the test ?

    What you think ?

  5. If you looking for strength try Tbol if you could get it, it has the same effects but does not cause water retention and doesn't aromatize. you will get solid strength gains and keep bloat minimal. Anavar works too just may be expensive, run it around 40-50mg daily from week 1-4 and 10-14 before you start pct.

  6. DNAMP are you talking about thermolife Tbol or oral turinabol? if you mean oral turinabol, that would be a good choice as well. i didnt really think about that but it would be great for not adding too much mass yet gaining decent amount of strength. i was just always under the impression that turinabol took a little while to kick in as well, does it not?

  7. I am talking about Oral Turinabol, it takes ~a week- 10 days to "kick in". Since it is a chemically altered dbol, it causes less water retention and more lean mass gains as well as the strength. This would make people think it takes a longer time, since you dont gain water weight fast. BUt the Strength and lean mass gains will come just as another kick starter.

  8. I'm not sure how available the tbol is via my source to be honest it's not a product that I hear is used much over here in the uk ! But I will make some enquiries just incase !

    I'm kinda liking the straight forwardness of a test prop boost !

    Would u run proviron as well if I went this route ?

  9. I like winny at the back end of cycles but in this case try a kick start with winny. If you play sports winny is a nice addition and why sprinters get caught using it all the time. I get nice strength gains with winny, it's very dry and cheap and everybody has it.

  10. i've always been a fan of winny, love the dry results from it. just not a fan of the joint pain. i dont want to go too off topic but im actually looking at doing a testp 100 / masteron 100/ tren ace 100 ED for 10 weeks then adding 50mg of winny on the last 4 weeks for the summer.. ultimate cut stack

    @power_house, sorry man i dont want to give an answer on proviron cause i dont know too much about that steroid. like you, by me it comes around every once in a great while, so does primo. so i dont really look into it or get involved in it too much to get a say in that.


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