Genotropin help

  1. Genotropin help

    Hi guys need a bit of advice. I have never takin any thing. Recently started a anavar course. Was thinkin of takin genottopin gh. Iam a bit. Chubby and wanna rip up. I do alot of cardio. Run 8 miles etc. wanted to know about the gh.. Wat will it do to me and which is the best one that money could buy with the least side effects. I have been told genotropin is a good one. How much am i suppose to take if its da best one and for how long etc. thanks.

  2. do some research on ghrp-6/cjc wo dac combo as opposed to just going with GH. It's a lot cheaper with good results. I lost a good amount of belly/chest chub in between cycles and didnt lose any muscle while on the peptides (i actually gained). I highly recommend them.

    A lot of the weight loss could be attributed to the strict eating schedule you have to hold for the peptides to work but hey results are results.

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