Adex & nolva simultaneous

  1. Adex & nolva simultaneous

    I've read If used together it reduces the effectiveness...can anyone provide some details on this.
    The purpose it to reduce overall estrogen while blocking ANY at the nipple site (due to existing gyno that doesn't seem to be going away) so it would make perfect sense to use both simultaneously, correct?

  2. You can use them together. Some guys recommend it because arimidex will play havoc on your lipid profile whereas Nolva tends to help it. They both reduce E2 by different paths, so using them together is fine. However, I am a firm believer in Aromasin and would use Aromasin alone and not worry about the other two. Especially if you have a pre exisiting condition due to elevated E2. Just zap 98% of the E2 with aromasin.

  3. Thanks for info.

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