Take a peep at my Sust/Tren/Deca cycle... No I am not crazy.

  1. Take a peep at my Sust/Tren/Deca cycle... No I am not crazy.

    Good day gentlemans. Putting up my 3rd cycle on here for some advice, as I've decided to get a little creative with this one. I welcome any suggestions or criticisms. I have thick skin, so tell me if you think I am an idiot. I am 27, 74", 222, 11% BF. Been working out for many years, and reached my plateau when I was 25. My first cycle was that of straight test. Second was test and tren. My body reacted well to both, I PCTed so the frank and beans are still in good order. Well, here goes:

    -700/wk Sustanon wks 1-14 (200 mgs EOD)
    -187.5/E4D Deca wks 1-12 (I've got Deca 250 so 3/4s shot comes to 187.5 per)
    -525/wk Tren wks 1-10 (150 mgs EOD. It's homebrew)
    -.5 adex EOD wks 1-15
    -500IU/wk HCG wks 1-15
    -PCT is Clomid wks 16-19 at 100/75/50/50. (Will start 14 days from last pin)

    My logic in the Deca is to keep my joints from hurting too much. I know a lot of people say not to run them together, but the joint pain is really the only side I got from the Tren. I figure the small amount of Deca will help with that. Naturally, I will adjust the dose of adex throughout if need be. I am eating like a horse throughout, with a lot of protein. Solid water intake. Is there anything I am overlooking? I should add/take away? Advice greatly appreciated. I have done A LOT of research and reading, but there are always other opinions, and I welcome them. Thanks in advance!

  2. Most will go bananas about someone putting deca&tren in the same cycle. But you've already done tren and reacted well, the 2 things I would change is drop the deca to atleast 250mg EW(150-200mg would be better since your only using the deca for joint health, 150mg is more than enough for that area), and get some damn caber or bring on the bisch tit power of two progesterones working together...

    Otherwise I'd love to see this cycle as I have this planned for my next, mines almost identical besides I'm only doing 200mg of the deca.
    R.I.P 343*

  3. True true ... I left it out because my last cycle with tren was fine... But better to be on the safe side. Thanks man.

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