Does HGH shut anything down?

  1. Does HGH shut anything down?


  2. I've heard depending on when you dose it you can avoid or at least minimize endogenous hgh suppression.

  3. Those who say it suppress post knowledge tons of reports have showed none. Gh spurts at randoms times no one knows when. In the am and first 30 min of rem is when its the highest then spurts random thru out the day. Has no spurt on how much. I see no reason of how it can suppress when its not making it.

  4. The answer is no. Exogenous gh will have ZERO effect on endogenous GH secretion shut down concerns. It's not the same as test , but unfortunately it's easy to try and use the same concepts and principals with regards to both. The truth is that test and HGH come from two entirely different sources in the body, and saying exo gh will shut you down like exo test will, is like saying if you're allergic to apples then you must be allergic to buffalo meat. I have never heard of someone taking gh long term stop, get their levels tested, and come up shorter than typical. If you use gh for 10 years, stop for six months and test your levels, your levels will be the same as what you would have been had you never used it in the 1st place. You can't apply standards of apples and oranges to each other, and comparing test and gh is doing just that.

  5. HGH in men doesnt have the "bleed" they get ONE massive spurt asleep

    Women get the bleed- and I'm pretty sure I have come across some studies contradicting what you are saying
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  6. And testosterone comes from the pituitary as does HGH
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  7. I swear,, I'd pay good money to a community college or somewhere to take a class on all this!!! Ha!

  8. Yes, hGH can shut down or shift your pituitary axis. No doubt about it according to research and my endo who is one of the foremost experts in the field and a former endo/dietician/trainer for Soviet Olympic athletes throughout out the 80s. Has kept me off the stuff except to heal a serious injury and to get back on the tour quickly. My IGF-1 runs out of range high naturally and I have been advised even low doses could permanently shift my axis. I am waiting until my levels reduce to use for anti aging. Haha, if someone is pinning high doses of GH and later say no shift, I would have to wonder if they are getting their GH from China, Mexico or in the gym. If so, no telling what they are getting. Also, GH is actually difficult to test accurately so I would only rely upon an endo or anti aging doctor trained perhaps in Europe and experienced in this area. US training in this area seems to be well behind that of the manner in which endos are trained in some European countries. I have spent lots over the years flying around the country to so called experts in search of quality doctors in this field before finding my current endo. I personally know guys stuck on the stuff now. Yep, they look great, feel great, **** great and are incredible athletes, but they cannot stop now. On of my best buds has tried to cycle off and cannot.

    GH is some potent stuff so pay $$$ to get accurate advise, proper monitoring and real stuff from a pharmacy.


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