Shoulder injections leaking.

  1. Shoulder injections leaking.

    Trying to figure out why this is happening. I almost always go in the same area on delt injection days. I use 3/4 " 25g and I go all the way in. Since last week(week 6) the site immediately oozes oil down my arm. I have tried waiting after I push all the prop(1 ml, 100 mg) for a moment to let the depot settle but it still happens. I'm only taking 30 seconds to push it all but I'm not forcing it. Any suggestions? I have no idea how much I'm losing as I immediately put pressure on it to stop this but it's still concerning me.

  2. I'm thinking that you are building up scar tissue and it's not absorbing like before. You may have to find a different site for a while. In regards to the oozing, it's probably not as much as it appears, but with a mere cc, you don't want to lose any. And I assume you've tried the "Z" approach to seal off the injection?

  3. 3/4 is a little short, I usually use 1" 25 on delts. But I agree that its likely scar tissue/localized inflammation sort of thing. How often do you hit each delt? Assuming you are doing prop every day (figuring you aren't running 350) it may be that you are hitting it too often if you aren't rotating through enough sites.

  4. I am familiar with z track method but haven't used it yet. Thats a good idea, kinda forgot all about it since I had no issues for a month and a half. probably a good habit to get into such as drawing back for blood(should be mandatory with under 1" needles imo) thanks DH.

    @ EE - I hit each delt once per week. I've got a screwed up blend of T 400 that requires a eod prop injections to keep it all stable, total of 650 a week(doubtful with my ugl's, probably more like 500)
    Thanks guys, looking like my quads and glutes are going to start getting more love next week.

  5. Try to inject slower. I had the same problem and this helped. Also, wait longer before you take the pin out; I usually wait 30-60 seconds, and take it out very slowly. When you take it out, try to stretch the skin with your other hand.

  6. i rotate sights once ever 14 days. No less than 10 days and if your hitting them both ever week probably to much as EJL said.

  7. This is why I post here first and almost never have to post elsewhere. I appreciate all the help guys! Reps once I get off the phone app, and I'll be rotating my sites and changing techniques accordingly....

  8. what about skipping the delts, and pining just either glue or quads on a 4-day rotation?

  9. Yea, I was doing glute, delt, delt for M/W/F, now it's glute,quad, glute. Very little pip with T400 and prop but I may rotate all 6. Giving my shoulders a break for a few weeks though.


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