Hi, new member with a question

  1. Been lifting for about a year and looking to run my first cycle, not sure about the rules here so tell me to delete my post if it will get me banned.

    After researching I think I want to run a cycle of Test-E.

    was wondering about dosing and also wondering about post cycle and in cycle supps. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Currently 260lbs, looking to bulk to 300 before a slow cut & put my squat/deadlift over 500(both a little over 400 at the moment)

  2. No sourcing.



  3. Quote Originally Posted by JoHNnyNuTZ
    No sourcing.
    Thanks, figured that would be against the rules, will edit my first post.

  4. Thanks for the info, will edit 1st post.

  5. I know for a fact theres a few dudes on here pinning. Give it some time they should chime in for the rest.



  6. What are your goals? If you have been lifting for a year and you weigh 260 there's some things that come to mind
    1.you have an insanely high amount of body fat
    2 your a power lifter

    So that being said what are your goals?

    If you want to bodybuild you need to drop body fat
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  7. My body fat % is about 17%, no intention of bodybuilding, not exactly a powerlifter but lift like one(pl, strongman, etc...)

    I'm headed into the field of personal training, working on my degree and getting ace/nasm certified at the moment.

    Just looking to pack on a lot of muscle really.

  8. If ur trying to add raw mass

    1-10 testosterone Cyp 600-750 MGS a week
    1-4 dianabol 50mgs a day

    Should net around 20lbs if diet and training are in check
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  9. You can't go wrong with Test E/C. I prefer enanthate, but cypionate is just as good. Get some HCG, an AI (I prefer aromasin, if you need it) and make sure your PCT is all set. I never come off so my recommendations on PCT are not first hand. There are others who can help you dial in better. Keep it simple at first and get used to your reaction, sides and growth.

  10. Your had to know this was coming. If you've been lifting a year and you are going into personal training, don't you want to stay natural for a while? Really get your technique down? It takes years of training to get to your genetic potential. Years. You are not even close to it if that is what you weigh and that is what you lift. Naturally, I'm at my best around 195. I stick between 215 and 220 now, but that took a year within itself. Also included two major injuries.

    Like most people, I'm sure you are still going to cycle. I just think it is going to rob you from the foundation you need to be a personal trainer.

    Test E is a good first cycle. The only difference in the three that DH is talking about is the half life and ester weight. You get more pure hormone with test p, but not really enough to make a difference on your first run IMO.

    At your size you should already be deadlifting and squatting well over 500 by now. Teach your body to grow with the hormones you currently have. Maybe run some EPI or something very, very mild, but remember if you start now, you'll wish you waited. I promise you that.

    Quote Originally Posted by swollen87 View Post
    lol in highschool i ran the original halodrol 50 for 8 weeks with clenbuterol and vodka as pct


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