hey guys. so ive been working out for quite some time and have been seeing pretty good gains in strength but i have never been able to tone. size is not a problem, but toning feels to be almost impossible! which is the reason why i am considering using winstrol (Oral) to shred that fat away and increase my strength a little bit more. unfortunately, i have done research but dont quite understand everything, so i was hoping someone might be able to help me.

question 1. what PCT is required for Winstrol
2. is liver protected needed? does it actually help or is it a scam?
3. ive read articles about Hormone use and how it can cause your left ventricle in your heart to grow and could cause fatal abnormalities
4. should i eat foods with extremely low cholesterol in order to kind of counter the amount of extra cholesterol i will obtain from the hormone?

thanks for your help in advance!