the first time you went into a vein/artery?

  1. the first time you went into a vein/artery?

    Put down your experiance, today was my first time and scared the **** outta me, it stung at first the when I asperated bam . A poke later, Ended up switching delts.

  2. i never use to asperate, and there was a couple time i hit a vein and it goes straight to your heart makin you feel like your having a heart attack all damn day. its definetly worth the extra second to asperate haha i learned the hard way a couple times and it sucks

  3. Pinning deca in the bicep and all of the sudden I had to cough, couldn't breath, felt like an anvil had dropped on my chest for 20 minutes. Thought I was dying. That night along with the next day if I breathed in too fast I would cough my lungs out....

    And I aspirated

    True story

    Another time I drew blood from aspirating so I switched areas. Not as exciting.

  4. Holy crap...knocking on wood now....
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    lol in highschool i ran the original halodrol 50 for 8 weeks with clenbuterol and vodka as pct

  5. Funny I hit one today LOL about 3 hours later I started having problems breathing it felt like someone was sitting on my chest I was freaking but talked to Morry and HCC and after about an hour it subsided
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  6. I just knocked on wood hard. I'm gonna start aspirating from now on.
    But just to be clear if you do hit a vein it's not gonna kill you?

  7. He his a vein in hit ball sac.....keep telling schwell to stop pinning directly in the scrotum....slut
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    lol in highschool i ran the original halodrol 50 for 8 weeks with clenbuterol and vodka as pct

  8. Lololololol it gives some localized effects sometimes I hit my pe pe because it's tiny and the localized growth is cool

    No it won't kill you
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  9. first time i hit a vein blood literally squirted out of the back of my ass.

    Of course it was the only time i let someone watch and the only time i never aspirated. She was like "does that happen everytime?" after she did one of those cute hot girl screams.

  10. The other day I went into the left thigh, aspirated, and drew blood. Switched to the other side, aspirated, no blood. Went in and it burned like h ell. I had to stop. Pulled it out and blood squirted on the wall next to me. I was right in a vein but it didn't draw up while aspirating. When you hit a vein, it really, really burns.

  11. Always been a thigh pinner, never tried the ball sack lol. What's up fella's. Never hit vein/artery to date and have never aspirated at beginning. I always go first .5cc then pause for feeling. New to the site so any advice appreciated!

  12. I was in high school at the time and didn't know sh*t about pct and aspirating, i just pin and shoot well when i pulled out blood squirted everywhere scared the crap out of me thought i was going to have to ask my grandma to take me to the hospital. but toughed it out and just keep applying pressure. finally stop bleeding this is the reason i believe you should aspirate and also know what the hell your doing


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