How does this sound to my cycle

  1. How does this sound to my cycle

    ok here is a cycle outline

    EOD =every other day
    ED =Everday

    1-12 - Testosterone Enanthate 500mg per week (250mg injected on monday, 250mg injected on thursday) - Dosage is split to ensure stable blood levels
    1-12 - Trenbolone Enanthate 400mg per week (200 injected on monday, 200 injected on thursday)
    1-12 - Stanzolol Cypionate 400mg per week (200mg injected on monday, 200mg injected on thursday)
    1-14 - Exemestane 25mg EOD - This will control estrogen and keep the bloat down that you would get from test and all the other nasty estrogenic side effects like acne, bloat, high BP and itchy nipples
    1-14 - Cabergoline .5 mg Twice a week (use .5mg on monday and .5mg on thursday - This will control PROLACTIN which is always an issue when using tren

    PCT will start 2 weeks after your last injection

    14-18 - Clomid 100/100/50/50 - This means you will use 100mg ED for the 1st week, 100mg ED for the 2nd week, 50mg ED for the 3rd week and 50mg ED for the 4th week
    14-18 Exemestane 25/25/12.5/12.5 - This means you will use 25mg ED for the 1st week, 25mg ED for the 2nd week, 25mg EOD for the 3rd week and 25mg EOD for the 4th week.

    Exemestane 25MG x 40ct (aromasin)

    CABERGOLINE 0.5MG x 40ct (dostinex) - cabergoline is used to control prolactin while using 19-nor compounds such as tren and deca.

    CLOMIPHENE CITRATE 50MG x 40ct (clomid)
    its always good to have more than you need on hand and just in case you need to do a more aggressive PCT. clomid is the official medicine to bring back your natural testosterone production.

  2. Looks like a solid cycle bro! Got all your bases covered. Whats your age, training exp, weight, bf etc etc

  3. I trust you've been on several cycles prior, right? The cycle looks "ok." I think it may be on the short side...Prolactin is not always an issue with Tren. Not saying there won't be an increase, just saying there isn't always an issue with it. I never had any problems with prolactin and never took anything for it. I was puzzled why you would want winstrol with long esters so I did a little research and found this. You may want to consider it:

    "The 17-methyl group present on all commercially available Stanozolol preparations would interfere with the material needed to make the ester react with the steroid. In other words, actually attaching the ester would be very difficult, and especially for a 50mgs/ml (or higher) dose. Chemically, this is going to remain well beyond the abilities of 99% of the underground labs out there. I suppose they can try removing the 17-methyl group, then adding the ester, but again, we’re talking about something that would need to be done by a real chemist, in a real lab, and even then…I doubt anyone out there is doing this.…In such a product, the 17-methyl would partially (or even fully in some cases) block enzymes (esterases) in the body from cleaving off the ester. If the body can not remove the ester, then there will be no active compound in the blood. At best, what you would be left with is going to be very weak when compared to the regular oral version or at worst, simply inactive."

  4. where is hcg?

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