First Time Taking Anabolics ( my worries )and of course - hello

  1. First Time Taking Anabolics ( my worries )and of course - hello

    Hello guys how you all doing

    As it says im running my first cycle of anabolics a simple cycle of Dbol for 5-6 weeks (30mg a day looking to perhaps up to 50mg). Its my first experience with anabolics so i dont wanna hit it too hard however i have a few worries as its only early in the cycle.

    im not gunna mess about my bollacks seem to hurt occasionaly aswell ( is this due to taking the stuff or is this not normal) as im drinking as much as i can but now it seems as soon as i drink i need to piss ( which is annoying as i have to work )

    im surprised how its affected me mentally - i wake up wanting to train wanting to eat.

    Why am i after advice - iv done my reasearch both online aswell as speaking to people face to face of there experiences i noticed some of the online advice is riddiculous where as iv only had honest advice from face to face

    Why am i taking anabolics - i have been training for over four years with weights and i just felt it was the right time to try this - not at a heavy dose just to get a feel of what this is like.

    any advice of if this is normal and any future things to come... suppose you could call me a worryier but id rather check everything out. Thanks

  2. Basicly mate you should be runi.g test with any cycle,because all steroids will shut down your natural test and without it sexual function may not be resumed until after you finish cycle.
    But seing as you have started your cycle you may as well run the dbol at 50mg a day with 2 tabs in morn and 3 at night. You can't "not hit anabolics hard" they hit you hard and under dosing won't change that.
    The feeling in your balls is normal,basicly them going into hybernation because your using steroids ha
    What have you got planned for pct?

  3. affect my sexual function> what do u mean

    pct i didnt think id need one just for a dbol only cycle but i was thinking of getting some nolva just incase

  4. Quote Originally Posted by RTeee
    affect my sexual function> what do u mean

    pct i didnt think id need one just for a dbol only cycle but i was thinking of getting some nolva just incase
    Yeah you need pct with any cycle mate even anavar only you would need pct,otherwise your in for a tough few month when you finish the cycle believe me.

    Yeah no test reduces libido,but I you may get away with it with dbol being a test deriative

  5. sorry about the late reply was at girlfriends for a few days and regarding that it has definetly not affected libido lol - but anyway pct i was thinking of running terribulus terresteris as i have had expereience with this drug before without the use of anything else and it 'seemed' to have done its job perhaps this cud be used as a pct>

  6. Forget the tribulus. Read more about post cycle therapy.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Chefbolic View Post
    Forget the tribulus. Read more about post cycle therapy.
    helpful lol

  8. Trib isn't a drug just a natural extract, for any pct you wanna run Clomid and nolvadex, even on a pro hormone cycle, because at the end of the day, shutdown is shutdown

  9. nolva would be fine for pct. PCT will help you keep your gains dbol is easy come easy go. next time run test with a dbol kickstart. I have seen dbol only cycles but the gains are tough to keep.

  10. Dbol produces some strong estrogenic sides. Even though it doesn't have an affinity to attach to the AR that well. it is metabolized into methylestradiol (an estrodial derivative) by aromatase. So you have to worry about not only gyno, but prostrate enlargement and because you mentioned frequent urination, I'd be careful and very alert for further symptoms. Trust me, you do not want prostatitis.

    I personally would go with an AI during PCT instead of a SERM, but that's a personal choice. Many have used SERMs effectively.

    I wouldn't go above 30mgs a day. You're more likely to keep most of the gains and sides will be less of a problem. Although you should take test as a base, quite honestly, you should be ok.

  11. yeah i wouldn't go further than 30mg a day. especially for a first cycle. stay at a max of 30mgs a day and save any remaining tabs for your next cycle.., in which you should incorporate test into the mix!

    also, for a dbol only cycle i'd definitely run a pct of nolva but i'd also try and find a natural test booster. add stuff to your diet as well like zma at night which will also help with a test boost. good luck big chief !
    It's a state of mind.

    Haters will whisper your successes and shout your failures... Keep pushing regardless.


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