Safe to run my Test-E cycle?

  1. Safe to run my Test-E cycle?

    I'm on week 5 of an EPI cycle (30/30/30/40/40 thus far) and have some test-e and exemastane on the way for my pet rat. I wasn't sure if it would be a good idea to start the test cycle- as it seems like a long time to be suppressed. Any opinions or recommendations are welcomed.

    Thanks, and if this is in the wrong section please move as necessary.

  2. have you ever ran test before? i wouldnt do it, if you were to do this you would want to run the test and epi from the start so that when you are done with the epi your test will be high.

    if you havnt done test before just do test solo for a first time, no kicker (oral) needed.

  3. Yes, this would be my first cycle of test.

    By no means was this my original plan- I've seen and read enough to know it's not a common practice. I happened to get a good price on some good stuff- furthermore my schedule the next couple months is ideal and a little more open, allowing me to train and eat hard.

    Thanks for your input-

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