For starters im 5'9 165 and would like to get back to my old self of 185-190lbs of lean muscle. ive never had my body fat tested but its been pretty low considering ive always had a 6 pack. i got my body weight up to 185-190 by taking methyl 1d a few years back. i took a total of 3 bottles with the appropriate break between each cycle. I would like to take this same product but ive been told that the methyl 1d of today is trash. Also i have taken a bottle of m-drol and a bottle of h-drol in the recent past with ok results. so basically i would like to take something similar to the old methyl 1d and stay lean. I'm not looking to get insanely huge or bloated. dont get me wrong i still want to get jacked, just not bulky. Also i've gone to a few supplement shops in the area to see what they offer and recommend, but im tired of them being so pushy to take their products and shoving other things in your face. so if i could get some help as to what i should take it would be greatly appreciated.