Test E and Masteron cycle

  1. Cool Test E and Masteron cycle

    Hey guys,

    I'm back and here to talk my first (real) cycle through with you guys. I have in my possession three bottles of Test E at 250mg/ml (10ml vial) and one bottle of Masteron (drostanolone) at 200mg/ml (10ml).

    I have nolva and clomid as well as adex on hand. I am most curious about the cycle length that you would think would be appropriate, and if I should save anything till later, and do something different for my first cycle. I've taken enough oral steroids to have finally decided to just man up and join the big boys with the pins... I was thinking something like this:

    TestE 500mg for 12-16 weeks (any thoughts on the length?)
    Masteron at 300mg for 7 weeks at the end... weeks 8-14?

    Then more of my question would be as to when to use the masteron, during the beginning or the end of the cycle. I can pretty much get my hands on anything I want now, so if anyone has better ideas or something else I should get, I am all ears. I was thinking the last 7 weeks, but am open to suggestions.

    I am not gonna be starting for at least a month or two... probably will be my winter/fall cycle. Not looking to add any real bulkers as I am more concerned with lean mass/good physique than looking like a 280lbs kickball. (no offense to any of you big guys, Im just cool with staying under 220.)

    Thanks for the info to anyone who would like to speak their mind. I could really use some good dialogue about this. I am flippin' excited! It's good to be back too!
    Anything to kickstart? I am trying to get away from methyl steroids as I'd like to give my body a break after all these clones I have taken. I can still get 19-nor from a buddy who has a bunch of Xtren left, maybe 4 weeks of that since it kicks in great and isn't methylated?

    Also I am using 25 gauge needles... is that too thin for either gear?
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  2. BTW it is Masteron E
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  3. Yea end with masteron btw masteronE is rare so hope its legit

  4. I am pretty sure it's legit. I got it off a guy from my gym and I am almost positive that it's american made. The Test is Avant Garde brand... I'll have to look at the drostanolone and I'll let you know the brand.

    Any thoughts? I am hesitant to kickstart with an oral, but it's always an idea Maybe 4 weeks of CEL Xtren to kickstart? Dbol? Would the Masteron handle the Estrogenic effects of Dbol and Test E, or would I need an AI before the 7th week? I imagine I probably would... Any advice/conversation would be greatly appreciated.
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  5. If masteron is legit. It will be bough no AI needed

  6. Another question... Masteron E is a 5-6 day half life in the body... so that means 2 injections per week... I've seen from 300mg to 600mg per week cycles... any thoughts? Should I buy another bottle or should I low dose it?
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  7. Run it at 400wk then after 4wks slowly play around with dose. Yes mast E is similar to test in terms of usage. 2x a wk

  8. Alot of ppl go easy 600 from what I hear

  9. So the Test is from Avant Garde labs, and the masteron is from Delta Pharmaceuticals. Sound legit?

    I am thinking I am gonna have to get another bottle of the masteron to run this cycle at a full dose if I am gonna be injecting 400-600mg a week. I should probably get on that before all the contest guys get a hold of it all.

    Anyone have any ideas for the front end of this cycle? Halotestin? Methyltrenbalone? lol... just kidding. What do you guys think? I could really use some ideas... I am still leaning towards just a bottle of Xtren since my body responds so damn well to the stuff. Would Dbol be a better choice? or would the Dbol cause a bunch of bloat/water retention that would make the Masteron kinda pointless at the end?

    I also have 25 gauge pins... big enough?
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  10. two other guys on here are kick starting with x tren. I think its fine if you arnt prone to prolactin sides. Mast would help with that i am assuming. hahah so methyltren like the devil?

  11. Run the test for 14 weeks, masteron for the last 7 like you mentioned, this will definitely harden up your gains. Also, the xtren won't kill you if you wanna run it as a kicker with the test. Keep in mind, the shut down is going to be rough so I would definitely use HCG either every other day or at least from week 7 on through 14.

  12. Thanks for the info! I've been thinking about HCG for the cycle... so, HCG every other day... should I start day one, or just with the masteron?

    Is it because of the Masteron that I need the HCG or just the 14 week length of the cycle? I know that drostanolone shuts down test pretty quickly and hard. I am glad I am not jumping right into this, as I am gonna have to do my HCG research now.
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  13. hcg twice a week 250-500ius at a time. dont over do it. id start the tren 1 week into the test aswell.

  14. Masteron 7wks is bad idea its mast-E not masteron

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Jasen View Post
    Masteron 7wks is bad idea its mast-E not masteron
    Do you mean I should run it longer because it is a longer ester? How long should I run it? I mean, if I have the wrong idea, I can always save it for a future cycle.
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  16. Run it with test same length or test14 masteron12

  17. You could start with dbol for a few weeks if you wanted. Any water retention would be gone shortly after stopping in time to see the mast results.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Jmazz19 View Post
    You could start with dbol for a few weeks if you wanted. Any water retention would be gone shortly after stopping in time to see the mast results.
    What dose do you think? 30mg? How about Turinabol? Which would you guys think? I know I respond f*ckin awesome to hdrol...
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  19. Dbol water tbol dry. Ubpick

  20. If I do use HCG, 250mg and 500mg seems like a pretty large difference in the doses. The only thing I worry about is screwing up my natural LH by using too much.
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  21. I'd probably opt for the turinabol honestly. It seems to fit my cycle better with the Masteron at the end of my cycle... or at least that's what I seem to think? Use the turinibol to get some lean gains but lose some bf% at the same time (I sit around 9-11% normally off cycle, I'll probably be at 9% when I start the cycle), which from what I hear should make the masteron that much more noticeable since from what I read it's only really useful for a person with low low bodyfat.

    I appreciate you guys helping me out with all of this. I also wanted to ask... am I getting ahead of myself for my first pinning cycle with these multiple hormones?

    I know Jasen is just gonna tell me to man up ... lol.
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  22. Yupp man up loll
    Honestly just got with this

    Masteron 1-12
    Test 1-14
    OT or dbol 1-5

    Despite what anyone says! Test e does not take 4 wks to kick in most ppl will admit around wk 6ish they notice it really well to were they r comfortable dropping orals. But I never used masteronE so u might be able to drop orals earlier. And ur BF is fine for masteron it does a good job at keeping estrogen down from what I belive. Why not go with masteron (short ester)

  23. I know me and my buddy around wk 7-8 feel it well. And our stuff is legit as it gets.

  24. what food you takein because iv just started takein masteron an test e so i want to no what food to take please help?


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