winstrol vs. oral-turinabol vs. havoc. which one builds more strength?

  1. winstrol vs. oral-turinabol vs. havoc. which one builds more strength?

    going to run a cycle with NPP and Androhard, trying to go without test as it gives me only side effects but have some on hand just in case...

    anyways, to my question, which of the above would be best for strength gains? i was thinking winstrol but im wondering if it could be too much dht/dht-related compounds with the androhard in there. i also have access to havoc and oral-turinabol, so am wondering whihc one would be best to stack.

    thanks for any input

  2. sorry if i posted in the wrong section, i just figured since most of the compounds are "old school" it would fit best here, but please move it if thats not the case.

  3. 10mg win > 10mg tbol

    but at 75+ mg winstrol/day joints get hit hard, causing you to deload or injure
    i would go with tbol overall, since its pretty much dbol just without the cheap-steroid side effects (gyno,acne,estrogen pretty much)
    but something like
    WINSTROL 50/50/50/50/50/50
    TBOL 0/0/0/0/70/70/70/70/70
    or something amongst those lines..

  4. thanks for the reply. i have heard great things about winny but the joint problems seem to be an issue as you mentiones too. i wonder how much npp counteract this.
    also many seem to report similar gains on havoc or epistane mg for mg, but at high doses the joints might be an issue too?
    as for the tbol, it sounds like a great substance, but supposedly gives stomach problems?
    i wish i could get hold of some primo or 1-test-cyp, then i could go without the orals alltogether. im in germany and availability isnt all that great here.

  5. thats a tough one. but the epi dosed 40-50mg will probably bring the most strength gains.

  6. sounds good since i have that already and it saves me money.
    choosing a good cycle seems tough since many factors come into play. availability, money and side effects.
    money wouldnt be the biggest factor but some compounds are only available from certain places where there is a risk of being ripped off, primo for example. or the price is so outrageous i could buy a new car with that...

    so for pure strength there are possibly better choices but i have a tendency towards water retention and since even a bit of testosterone gave me gyno i think i am very prone to this.

    so i think the combination of androhard/npp/havoc makes for a decent cycle. the androhard should prevent any possible libido loss and bloat/gyno from npp, the absence of test should make these rather unlikely anyways. the npp will be good for strenght, muscle, joints. the androhard will contribute to improved definition with the havoc contributing further strength, muscle, hardness.
    all in all i have thought about this one for weeks and i think i have a decent setup. i would have preferred to do primo/npp/var but it is currently way too much trouble and cost involved to realize this.

    any further input or criticism on my setup?

    thanks and regards

  7. sounds like a cycle! good luck!


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