Lump and pain when injecting. Am I wasting Test?

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    testosterone suspension never hurt me but then again mine is suspended in oil
    Get some water based suspension

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    you sir are just made of steel. Iv tried suspesion in oil and it kicked me like a donkey! no matter what i do! lol
    I've used the same source as him. It is micronized before it is suspended. Feels like nothing, but you have to be careful putting it in your biceps. Or at least I did. The pin site didn't hurt but the pump was freaking crazy and that actually hurt. So I stuck with the quads and would occasionly pin directly in my pecs.
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    lol in highschool i ran the original halodrol 50 for 8 weeks with clenbuterol and vodka as pct

  3. The lump happened to me too. What can I take to get rid of it?

  4. Water causes the problem, your body absorbs the water real quick, leaving the gear micronized in the muscle. There you have your pain.
    And by the way, I make gear too, the BA thing is no myth at all, since its a cell destroying alcohol. The more BA, the cheaper the production due to low hygienic standards aka bathtub brewing.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by J Jack3d
    I have been injecting test e with a 22g 1.5'' needle in my glutes. Sometimes i wont have any pain after but most of the time i get a lump, like a golf ball in my upper glute. It is painfull to sit and kills flexibility for lifts.
    Does this mean that I am wasting the test and the oil is floating around in my glute?
    Low quality= more BA= pain.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Buford795
    The lump happened to me too. What can I take to get rid of it?
    Change your source. It's not just an UG lab problem. I used German pharma test, very good, no pain. I used Serbian pharma test, not so good, much much pain.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by monsterbox View Post
    You got a good point about it balling up and that causes pain.

    If you bought bad stuff/good stuff straight oil it doesn't matter about the balling up. Its balling up because he's pushing it through a 22 which allows you to go lightspeed. Even injjecting a water based peptide in a 29g will ball up if you go to fast. He needs to slow down and count 60 seconds per ML.

    When you got to the doc and they give you a shot the idiot nurses jam the **** in like light speed. Lots of pain comes from the ball thats caused by the speed of injection.

    You do NOT want to rub the injection site, especially if you are using Prop. Hell no...this will cause whatever crystillization the occurs, if perhaps the ba/bb content isn't high enough for the potancy, to really tear up the muscle tissue.

    Best bet is to warm up the synringe with the oil in it, and the cap on the needle. Warm up the injection site/take a shower first. Alcohol swipe, let it dry. Then insert needle slowly using smallest needles as possible (i use a 27). Spend 60-100 seconds injecting. Go very very very slowly. Wait 30 seconds, then withdrawl slowly. Do not apply pressure, do not rub, just wipe the blood off and go about your way. No pain. And if you have pain its because your gear is overdosed without enough solvent properties.
    Best advice and clearly stated! I have found that warming up the solution in the pin under the running water faucet before injecting to really help and definitely slowly down on the plunger!!! I was just at the hospital the other day and the nurse freaking killed my hip with a shot and four days later its was still freaking sore and swollen, one day after I stuck my gear in the same side and usual sides little tender but went away. I inject 2ml total, so I swear the hardest part is holding the needling steady and freaking still while trying to push that thick **** through the pin, but it works!!

  8. I have had the same problem. I started my first cycle with Test 400 and I got a lump on my right glute (where my buddy injected) and it hurts like hell. It was only two days after and I dont know if it could be because of an infection or because he injected too fast. It was only half a cc though and we used a 21'' needle. The lump is kinda warm to the touch, however, I am pretty much always warm...I could be paranoid. I have read that Test 400 is known to be very painful. Some feedback would be nice. Thanks!


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