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Low dose deca VS EQ just for the joint help?

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    Low dose deca VS EQ just for the joint help?

    The other thread got me thinking......deca sides suck for me even at 300/week, I never tried EQ but have a vial (and deca, too).

    Anyway, could a low dose of either be used *just* for the joint support without bad side effects?

    I'm doing a test E, tren A, maybe dbol cycle this fall, and have been pondering this awhile.

    I know the last deca cycle definately helped the joints out, but that was about the only positive I got from it.

    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

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    Equipose is stronger mg for mg than deca for promoting collagen synthesis. It also has fewer sides at a low dose, and doesn't have nasty androgenic metabolites like deca. I vote for eq, only think deca has for it is the water retention in your joints IMO. I'm going to take 200mg / week to protect my joints when I run my first bulking cycle.

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